We care deeply about improving the way we discover, organize, share, and enjoy our media.

Some of us are movie buffs. Some of us are passionate about music. And some of us are budding photographers or videographers. We're from all over this amazing world of ours and many of us have joined Plex after being a member of the Plex community, which we continue to hold near and dear to our heart. We also love how mobile and connected devices make it possible to enjoy our media in every room in the house or on the go, but we think it can be so much better. That's why we're committed to creating a rich and seamless experience for curating and enjoying all your media, wherever you are.

  • Anbua_bw Anbua
    Anbu A.
    The Diva of Data
  • Andrew-g-bw Andrew-g
    Andrew G.
    Englishman in Mexico
  • Plex_face_17 Plex_face_17_color
    Anthony L.
    Paleo Programmer
  • Plex_face_8 Plex_face_8_color
    Antonio L.
    Making Android Beautiful
  • Plex_face_39 Plex_face_39_color
    Barkley B.
    Human Resources
  • Plex_face_46 Plex_face_46_color
    Brian H.
    Chief Mustache Officer
  • Celestine-bw Celestine
    Celestine P.
    Canuck Quality Artisan
  • Plex_face_35 Plex_face_35_color
    Chris A.
    Literally in the Future
  • Plex_face_2 Plex_face_2_color
    Chris C.
    Support Sherpa
  • Chrish-bw Chrish
    Chris H.
    Javascript Wrangler
  • Craig-h-bw Craig-h
    Craig H.
    Pixels From Down Under
  • Davidh-bw Davidh
    Dave H.
    Dave from Accounting
  • Plex_face_16 Plex_face_16_color
    Dean M.
    The Bulldog of Benjamins
  • Plex_face_18 Plex_face_18_color
    Dom C.
    Master Weaver of the JavaScript
  • Plex_face_19 Plex_face_19_color
    Duncan B.
    Nacho Libre
  • Plex_face_31 Plex_face_31_color
    Elan F.
    The Sheriff
  • Plex_face_43 Plex_face_43_color
    Emilio T.
    Radar's Human
  • Plex_face_25 Plex_face_25_color
    Eric M.
    Don't Call It Frisbee
  • Graham-bw Graham
    Graham B.
  • Grege_bw Grege
    Greg E.
  • Greta-s-bw Greta-s
    Greta S.
    Queen of Copy
  • Hugo-s-bw Hugo-s
    Hugo S.
    Shh... No Tears
  • Plex_face_7 Plex_face_7_color
    Ian B.
    Scotland Is Not a Wasteland
  • Plex_face_36 Plex_face_36_color
    Ilia A.
    Komrad Koder
  • Plex_face_33 Plex_face_33_color
    James C.
    Aristotle of Apple
  • Jasonw-bw Jasonw
    Jason W.
  • Jerry-v-bw Jerry-v
    Jerry V.
    Knows Who Arcade Fire Is
  • Jessicaj_bw Jessicaj
    Jessica J.
    People Person
  • Plex_face_44 Plex_face_44_color
    Jesús C.
    Living La Vida Droid
  • Plex_face_23 Plex_face_23_color
    Keith S.
    Could Land Software on an Asteroid
  • Plex_face_24 Plex_face_24_color
    Keith V.
    El Jefe
  • Plex_face_41 Plex_face_41_color
    Keivan B.
    Coding From Beyond the Wall
  • Plex_face_38 Plex_face_38_color
    Kevin W.
    Van Gogh of Plex
  • Laurens_bw Laurens
    Lauren S.
    Has a Real Crystal Ball
  • Plex_face_15 Plex_face_15_color
    Luis H.
    Anything But Blur
  • Plex_face_32 Plex_face_32_color
    Manuel P.
    I Java Dream
  • Mario-o-bw Mario-o
    Mario O.
    Rails With Grilled Cuy
  • Mark-m-bw Mark-m
    Mark M.
    In the Penalty Box for Boarding in JavaScript
  • Plex_face_11 Plex_face_11_color
    Mark W.
    Viking Lord of Linux
  • Plex_face_37 Plex_face_37_color
    Matt C.
    MS Beard 3.11 for Beardgroups
  • Plex_face_5 Plex_face_5_color
    Matthew S.
    Already Knows HTML7
  • Plex_face_4 Plex_face_4_color
    Max F.
    Windows Wizard
  • Plex_face_34 Plex_face_34_color
    Mike M.
    User Beard Experience
  • Plex_face_45 Plex_face_45_color
    Mohammed M.
    Sleep Is For the Weak
  • Plex_face_29 Plex_face_29_color
    Pedro P.
    Swiss Army Knife
  • Plex_face_14 Plex_face_14_color
    Rob R.
    Ribeye With a Side of Ribeye
  • Plex_face_20 Plex_face_20_color
    Rodger C.
    Doogie Howser of Transcoders
  • Plex_face_9 Plex_face_9_color
    Rosa G.
    Rosa on Rails
  • Plex_face_26 Plex_face_26_color
    Schuyler U.
    The Nomad
  • Plex_face_30 Plex_face_30_color
    Scott H.
    Purveyor of Plex
  • Plex_face_27 Plex_face_27_color
    Scott O.
    The Oracle
  • Plex_face_13 Plex_face_13_color
    Sebastian P.
    Connaisseur de Pixels
  • Plex_face_10 Plex_face_10_color
    Sergio P.
    Plex Polymath
  • Plex_face_3 Plex_face_3_color
    Shawn E.
    Could Talk You Out of Both Kidneys
  • Plex_face_22 Plex_face_22_color
    Tara M.
    Statistics Wiz and Bomba Shack Negotiator
  • Timv-bw Timv
    Tim V.
    Coding from Cape Town
  • Timw-bw Timw
    Tim W.
    The Enchanter
  • Plex_face_28 Plex_face_28_color
    Tobias H.
    Great Beard, Better Developer
  • Plex_face_21 Plex_face_21_color
    Wes L.
    The Wolf
  • Plex_face_6 Plex_face_6_color
    William I.
    Plex's Killer Kiwi

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